Klaar Kimming

Klaar Kimming grew out of the fondness for the Chow Chow - it was love at first sight...

Overwhelmed by his lion-like majestic appearance, his dignified air, his calm and reserved but simultaneously friendly nature we decided to share our life with NARUTO - our first Chow Chow.

We were fascinated by his unique character and while our affection grew, the interest in fathoming the nature of this faithful friend.

Always on our side but without being in our way he observes and waits.

He loves to go for a walk.

He is an attentive guard even though he might seem absent; he barks rarely and never without reason.

He enjoys being stroked.

Independent and obstinate as he is, he wants to understand first - wants to be convinced and does not want to obey blindly: this needs patience, endurance and consequence.

I admire his loyalty, is unobtrusiveness, his gentleness and even his stubbornness, which reminds me of little children: But whatever, he is a CHOW CHOW!

Klaar Kimming means "clear horizon" in the North Frisian language.

This salutation reminds me of my roots and shall bring us a long and happy life - us and our beloved CHOW CHOWS.