Our males

Actually are living with us Denzel e Gunnar

Denzel Washington 


black male  HD-A

born 12/01/14


from Dodge Natural Chow del Fiume Giallo

X Maruso's One and Only



Pedigree Online




blue male  HD-A

born 04/09/15


from Hollywood's Star Denzel Washington   (HD-A)

X JoJo Lietuvos Liutas   (HD-A / ED-1)


-  Italian Champion

-  Maltese Champion 

-  Italian Juniorchampion





Pedigree Online



Klaar Kimming Ingwart 


cream male  HD-A

nato il 09/08/16


from Efesto El'ison Man Kou X Heike Makatsch vom Mühlenberg   (HD-A / ED-2)


-  Italian Juniorchampion